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World Rhythm FestivalProduced by the Seattle World Percussion Society
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Comments made by participants after past World Rhythm Festivals

The event was awesome! The classes were fabulous, the instructors were inspiring and the performances were amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of people and opportunities to experience so many different forms of rhythm. I was on a drumming "high" the entire time I was there. -- Mike

The WRF is a working model of community, embracing children, women and men of all ages and ethnicities. It is people coming together to combine their individual energies in order to create a cooperative, all-embracing spirit . Everyone participates, everyone is included. -- Emerson

It's amazing how enthusiastic people are at the festival. It's not only cross cultural but cross gender and generation. All types of people drumming, jamming and dancing together. Isn't that what music is suppose to be about? There is nothing else like this in the country. -- Arturo

The Seattle World Percussion Society brings together the highest caliber and most diverse presenters and performers, runs the Festival with superb organizational skills, attracts attendees from a wide range of countries and creates a true celebration of the power of rhythm to bring people together in a spirit of community. --Jim

The Rhythm Festival was packed with workshops of all kinds of rhythm genres, and I can't tell you how much I learned in just three days. I feel so blessed to partake from such dynamic, knowledgeable teachers and to be part of a body of dedicated and enthusiastic students. --Jen

Through my immersion in the swirling sounds, pulsing ambiance, and invigorating transfer of knowledge at the 2008 World Rhythm Festival, I gained a new respect and insight for the cultural vigor that abounds in the vibrant niches of Seattle. --Spence

This has to be one of the best run festivals I have ever attended. 
I have been going to music festivals since the 70's and this one - let alone being free - was the most inclusive, friendly, and fostering open participation not just in every workshop but even during the main stage acts. I met such wonderful people, learned volumes about drumming and best of all rediscovered the link we all have regarding music and the spirit within. --Dave

This festival has become a highlight of my life and I have been attending since 1999. The diversity of events and workshops of top caliber teachers and performers is unparalleled in the world. It is amazing to see persons of all ages and races in attendance, from toddlers to seniors in their 90's. The joy on everyone's faces is transforming and contagious. –-Bree

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