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World Rhythm FestivalProduced by the Seattle World Percussion Society
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The World Rhythm Festival Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the World Rhythm Festival held?

The World Rhythm Festival is held at Seattle Center, the cultural and community heart of Seattle and home of the Space Needle. Click here for advice on getting to Seattle Center.

What buildings are World Rhythm Festival events held in?

The World Rhythm Festival workshops and performances are again in the Center House and the Seattle Center Pavilion. The International Marketplace is in Fisher Pavilion. Click here for a printable map of Seattle Center.

How do I get into the workshops I want to attend? Is pre-registration required?

All The World Rhythm Festival workshops and performances are free and open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. Most workshops hold between 60 and 100 people (some fewer, some as many as 200).  Most workshops fill up, so arrive early for good seats. 

Does it cost anything to get into the World Rhythm Festival?

All events at the World Rhythm Festival are open to the public free of charge.  We want to make this wonderful variety of world music accessible to as many people as possible to discover and evolve their rhythmic interests.

We do encourage everyone to support the World Rhythm Festival and our wonderful teachers and performers by buying WRF merchandise or raffle tickets. Please show your appreciation for the music and learning these generous musicians bring to you!

More than 100 workshops & performances, all free? How do you do it?

From its beginning, the World Rhythm Festival has been organized by volunteers as a grassroots effort, driven by our love of world music, drumming and dance. All expenses are covered by vendor fees and merchandise sales, countless hours of volunteer service and generous community support.  Central to our miraculously low budget is our sponsorship by Seattle Center, which provides over $50,000 worth of space for free because our event is free and open to the public.

Should I bring my drum? Do I need certain drums for certain classes?

Yes! Bring a drum that you like to play and is easy to carry. You can use any drum in any class. For instance, it’s fine to bring a djembe to a conga class.

Can I buy a drum at the World Rhythm Festival?

Yes! The International Marketplace offers the best selection of drums of all kinds and price points that you’ll find anywhere in the Northwest.  Please support our vendors!  

Do you have drums to rent?

Yes. The World Rhythm Festival has a limited number of Remo djembes and tubanos for rent at $5 per day.  Our drum rental and drum check services are operated by Village Volunteers, a non-profit which runs community development projects in Kenya, India, Ghana, and Nepal.  

Can I check my drum if I don’t want to carry it around?

Yes. Drum Check is available in the 3rd floor lobby, at the top of the Center House stairs.

Where can I eat?

The Food Court in the Center House offers convenient food of many styles. See http://www.seattlecenter.com/food/ for restaurant listings in and around Seattle Center.  

What else should I bring?

The Festival is a bustling, volunteer-operated affair involving lots of activities, and people moving in and out of rooms and hallways carrying drums and backpacks. So, as in life, bringing a good sense of humor and community spirit will serve you well!

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