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World Rhythm FestivalProduced by the Seattle World Percussion Society
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2017 World Rhythm Festival

Drum Circle Facilitated by John Hayden & friends4/28/17 12:30Armory Main Floor
Drum Circle Facilitated by Sinead Harte & Randy Pomeroy4/28/17 01:30Armory Main Floor
Drum Circle Facilitated by Abby Greene-Bull and friends4/28/17 02:30Armory Main Floor
Drum Circle Facilitated by LuLu Leathley & friends4/28/17 03:30Armory Main Floor
Drum Circle Facilitated by Jim Boneau & friends4/28/17 04:30Armory Main Floor

Abby Greene-Bull

Dance, music and the ability to channel positive energy has always been essential in Abby’s life. Attending and volunteering for the WRF since 1998 spawned the love of drum circle facilitation. Abby was inspired to start Pulse Play Circles in 2011 after attending Arthur Hull’s Hawaii Playshop. Engaging co-workers, seniors and kids at camp, she has led drum circles and inspired groups from 10 to 400 people to connect with their inner rhythm with drums and “found sound”, thus creating the healing heartbeat of community wherever she goes. Abby Greene Bull is a native of Guyana, South America, and lives in Burnaby, BC, where she holds bi-weekly community drum circles.

Pulse Play Circle4/29/17 01:30Armory 4th Floor Room D
Pulse Play Circle4/30/17 12:15Armory 3rd Floor Loft #4
Photos: workshop

Abraham Neuwelt

Abraham Neuwelt is a Seattle based percussionist and handpan player specializing in live performance, private lesson and music therapy. He is regarded as one of the Northwest's best handpan players and a lead ambassador of the instrument. You may be asking yourself, "what is a handpan?" The handpan (hang) is a convex steel drum played by hand and tuned to multiple notes and particular scales. It emits a sonic tone that has the capacity to create many layers of sound and ethereal effects. Abraham's performance is truly an experience that you have to "hear, to believe!"

Handpan by Abraham4/29/17 12:30Armory Main Floor
Discovering the HandPan (Hang)4/29/17 02:45Armory 4th Floor Room C
Discovering the Cajon4/30/17 02:45Armory 4th Floor Room C
Photos: workshop

Anuradha Samrat

Anu Samrat is a dancer (Mohiniyattam and Bharatanatyam) and a musician (voice; Carnatic) who runs her dance school "Alapadma" in the greater Seattle area. She started her dance and music lessons at the age of 6 in Madras, India, a city often called the "cultural capital of south India". While doing her Masters in Illinois, she started learning Mohiniyattam - another classical dance form of India. Learning music, which is the soul of dance, alongside dance, has helped hone her into an artiste capable of composing the music for the dance pieces she creates and choreographs. She has performed at various venues in India and in the US, her recent ones in Madras, now called Chennai, in December 2014, during the famous "Margazhi music and dance festival" and in Berlin in Nov 2016.

Alapadma Dance recital4/30/17 10:30Armory Main Floor

Arthur Hull

Arthur Hull is a rhythm ambassador and master at facilitating groups with joyful rhythm experiences. He travels the world inspiring community-building through the metaphor of music. A protégé of Babatunde Olatunji, Arthur originated and defined modern-day Drum Circle Facilitation. His pioneering work has touched the lives of thousands of people, in communities large and small, corporate executives, teachers and kids at risk. Through his Village Music Circle trainings, books and DVDs, he has taught over 10,000 people in 25 countries how to facilitate rhythm-based events. Arthur has been nationally awarded for his success in inspiring music-making, team and community-building that promote joy and awareness.

Village Music Circle Ensemble4/28/17 07:00Armory Main Floor
Universal Principles of Hand Drumming4/29/17 11:00Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2
Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop4/30/17 12:15Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2
Community Drum Circle4/30/17 05:30Armory Main Floor
Photos: workshop

Arturo Rodriguez

An accomplished musician, author, and teacher, he has performed worldwide, sharing the stage with music legends Tito Puente, Dave Valentin, Paul Horn, Pete Escovedo and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Rodriguez says, "It's been an honor and a privilege to have worked with these great musicians"

SKYPE OR ONLINE LESSONS Learn to play drums in the comfort of your own home or studio.
Free consultation: arturoseattle


Arturo Rodriguez and his Rhythm Ambassadors4/29/17 07:00Armory Main Floor
The universal concepts of time keeping for drummers and dancers4/30/17 01:30Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3
Salsa Rhythms4/30/17 02:45Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3
Photos: workshop performance

Ben von Harz

First learned to build African rope tuned drums from a friend and mentor in South Africa. Usually find old and / or used drums and rebuild them. In the fall of 2013 I obtained my first handpan, which has changed my musical world. I now play pans for yoga, sound baths, private parties and hospice.

Djembe Tuning4/29/17 11:00Armory 4th Floor Room B
Handpans and Rhythm for Yoga4/29/17 04:00Armory 4th Floor Room C
Djembe Re-Heading4/30/17 11:00Armory 4th Floor Room D
Handpans and Rhythm for Yoga4/30/17 12:15Armory 4th Floor Room D

Bill Moore

Bill has been teaching Freestyle Djembe Hand Drumming since 1998. As a Rhythm and Arts Therapist/Author/Artist--- Bill got his Associates Degree in music and a Bachelors Degree in Mind/Body Medicine and Psychology. His art is self taught. He is the AUTHOR of the book RHYTHM HEALING: PTSD, Trauma, and Beyond. The science behind using Rhythm to Heal.

Rhythm for better health4/30/17 04:00Armory 4th Floor Room B
Photos: workshop

Bill Woods

Bill Woods is a performer, teacher, studio musician, composer, and author. He is currently the bodhran player for the Seattle band Iona Abbey and the Olympic Peninsula band Powerhouse. He has played bodhran on recording projects as varied in style as classical, new age, improvisational, and heavy metal as well as traditional Irish and Scottish music. His compositions have been performed and recorded, and some of his more atmospheric pieces have been used on the sound track of a documentary film. He has written three books, Bodhran: the Basics, Bodhran: Beyond the Basics, and Playing the Frame Drum, all of which are published by Mel Bay Publications and sold around the world.

Lap Style Frame Drum4/30/17 11:00Armory 4th Floor Room B
Beginning & Intermediate Bodhran Workshop4/30/17 01:30Armory 4th Floor Room B
Odd Rhythms4/30/17 02:45Armory 4th Floor Room B

Billy Knutson

Billy Knutson is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach who discovered hand drumming in 2005 on a personal retreat and was instantly hooked. He has studied various rhythm traditions and extensively with various African teachers. He is a certified drum circle facilitator through Village Music Circles and has also taken Remo's Health Rhythms training. He founded RhythmWellness to complement his healthy lifestyle business, focusing on the health aspects of drumming and community music making. More info www.RhythmWellness.com

The Rhythm Well4/29/17 12:00Mural Amphitheatre
Take 54/29/17 04:00Armory 4th Floor Room B
Take 54/30/17 11:00Armory 4th Floor Room C
The Rhythm Well4/30/17 12:00Mural Amphitheatre
Photos: workshop

Boka & Afua Kouyate

Aboubacar “Boka” Kouyate is a Djeli ~ Boka was born into a duo Griot tradition;The Son of Nounke Kouyaté and Djéné Dioubate. his Father was a musician guitarist, ballaphonist and a traditional historian. His Mother is a popular Singer. He began singing with his mom, while strapped to her back as a child. Writing and composing music began at a young age 0f 8. He has attended the school of music within the Griot lineage, which was directed by his Father. Boka has gained citywide recognition for his commitment to preserving historical traditions within the Manden region. While based in Seattle, Washington; Boka teaches traditional djembe, Ballaphone, and songs from Guinea.

THE DJELIYAH BAND & KOUYATE ARTS12/31/69 07:00Armory Main Floor
African Dance Class - School Aged Youth4/28/17 12:00Armory Main Floor
Maninka Drum Class4/29/17 02:45Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2
BOKA KOUYATÉ & THE DJELIYAH BAND4/29/17 08:00Armory Main Floor
West African Dance Workshop w/ Afua Kouyate4/30/17 02:45Fisher Pavilion
Photos: workshop

Bret Benraven

Bret Benraven is a gifted natural percussionist and improviser. He has been drumming his whole life but on drums only since 1993 or so. He has workshopped with Mamady Keita,Abdoul Doumbia,Karamba Diabakate,Rusty Eklund and many more. He founded Crow Drummers in Olympia,Wa in 2004,plays calabash for Sean Gaskell(kora player) and calabash with Stephan Donchey(sitar player). He leans toward the Malian feel of Malinke drumming. Master of none but his own,drum builder,song writer,student and teacher.

Crow Drummers4/30/17 11:00Mural Amphitheatre
Crow Drummers4/30/17 01:30Armory 4th Floor Room D

Chenxi Li

Timeless D4You Bio We are a pop dance group founded at UW, Seattle (D4You)and Bellevue College (Timeless). We also open our teaching classes to public to attract more people to enjoy moving their body with the pop music. We believe in that method that "EVERYONE SHOULD DANCE". Therefore, we want to offer the opportunities to more people to get touch with pop dance, and establish a warm and comfortable communities with healthy lifestyles.

Korean Pop workshop4/29/17 12:15Fisher Pavilion
Timeless D4You4/30/17 01:30Armory 4th Floor Room H (Black Box)
Photos: workshop

Court Crawford

Cocotazo4/29/17 02:45Armory Main Floor

Daniel Santos

Bahia In Motion shares the beauty of Afro-Brazilian culture through Brazilian Dance, Capoeira and tours to Brazil. With much enthusiasm, Daniel joyfully shares his native Afro-Brazilian culture through Capoeira and dance, two of the most significant artistic expressions of Black Brazilian culture. Daniel's extensive professional training and ability to transmit the vibrant energy of Bahia, Brazil produce fun, creative and invigorating classes. Daniel teaches Brazilian dance, Capoeira and Zumba Fitness at his studio, Balance Studio in Fremont.

Samba Reggae! 4/30/17 12:15Fisher Pavilion
Bahia In Motion 4/30/17 03:45Armory Main Floor
Photos: workshop

Daniela Serrano

Cuadro Azahar Flamenco4/29/17 02:45Armory 4th Floor Room H (Black Box)

David Casteal

David Casteal is a 6th grade teacher in Spokane, Washington. He holds a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology with emphasis on the jembe.David has studied West African rhythms in the countries of Ghana, Mali and Guinea.

Cooper Drummers4/28/17 04:00Armory Main Floor
Cooper Drummers4/29/17 11:00Mural Amphitheatre
Cooper Drummers4/29/17 01:15Armory Main Floor
Mali djembe rhythms: All levels4/29/17 04:00Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2
The Mali Djembe - all levels4/30/17 11:00Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3
Mali djembe and dunun rhythms: dunun class4/30/17 12:15Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3

Dennis Maberry

Dennis Maberry is a versatile percussionist who has studied a variety of traditional percussion methods including African, Afro Cuban, Haitian, Middle Eastern Frame Drum, and the rhythmic concepts of India. By blending these influences into a rhythmic stew Dennis has created a rhythmical style that is distinctively his own. Dennis is the author of the popular instructional book "Drum Circle Grooves" along with his latest book "The Magic of Twelve" His latest cd "Rhythmspirit" features several special guests including percussionist Gordy Ryan, Tor Dietrichson, Bill Matthews, and Judy Piazza among others. Dennis has started recording his newest cd which will feature several special guests including drummer Ben Smith from the rock band "Heart".

Polyrhythm Basics4/29/17 01:30Armory 3rd Floor Loft #4
What time is it? Intro to odd time signatures4/29/17 02:45Armory 3rd Floor Loft #4
The. Magic of Twelve: Polymetric Polyrhythms in Cycles of Twelve 4/30/17 04:00Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2
Photos: workshop

Dora Oliveira

Since moving to Seattle from Salvador, Bahia, Dora has been performing and teaching Brazilian dance to adults and kids for 25 years and performs constantly at both company & community events, including many taking place in the heart of Seattle Center: World Rhythm Festival, Folklife Festival, Festival Sundiata, Spirit of West Africa, and BrasilFest. Her repertoire ranges from samba and traditional Afro-Brazilian dance through jazz, funk, ballet, and modern. She is lead dancer with Seattle’s own Show Brazil and showcases her personally designed choreography and costumes when performing with her own group, Dance Brazil, at festivals, schools, nonprofits and corporate events throughout the year.

WRF17: Adult Dance Workshop: Dance with Dora: Funkizomba!4/29/17 02:45Fisher Pavilion
WF17: Kids Dance Workshop: Dance with Dora: Brazil and Beyond!4/30/17 11:00Fisher Pavilion
Dora Oliveira and Dance Brazil: Maranhão4/30/17 03:00Armory Main Floor
Photos: workshop

Dr. Joyce Paul Siamak

Joyce Paul is an accomplished Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam dancer who believes that dance is a wonderful medium that can transport you to a level of consciousness that is difficult to reach otherwise. She works hard to ensure that the essence of dance and its unseen ramifications are experienced by her students and co-dancers. Her knowledge of Exercise Physiology and the human body in general give her classes a unique twist. Her basic knowledge of Ballet and Jazz help her work on competitive analysis between art forms and how the body reacts to different stress movements. Joyce has been teaching and performing in the Pacific Northwest since 2001.

Verbal Percussion and Interpretive dance workshop4/30/17 11:00Armory 4th Floor Room H (Black Box)
Joyce K Paul''s Dance & Theatre4/30/17 01:00Armory Main Floor
Photos: workshop performance

Fabiola Serra

TusuyPeru dance group was born in Ellensburg, Washington, July of 2010. It was originated to celebrate Peruvian culture in the Northwest , United States. TusuyPeru pursues to bring you an imaginary voyage to the beautiful beaches, the wonders of the majestic Haciendas, and keep going to the elevated Andes continuing to the warm rainforest of Perú

TusuyPeru20174/30/17 11:00Armory Main Floor
Peruvian Dances Workshop4/30/17 02:45Armory 4th Floor Room H (Black Box)
Photos: workshop

Gordy Onayemi Ryan

Gordy Onayemi Ryan toured with Baba Olatunji and the Drums of Passion from the early 70's to Baba's passing in 2003. He has played on over 100 albums and movie soundtracks,composes,and loves sharing his knowledge on the musical path.He currently lives on Vashon,leads 2 High School Bands, plays with Roger Fisher and the Human Tribe, Mgbavon, and the OBA Band, as well as facilitating the Thursday Night Puget Sound Rhythm Section. lightintheforest@frontier.com

Puget Sound Rhythm Section4/28/17 09:00Armory Main Floor
Olatunji Funk4/29/17 04:00Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3

Janelle Leonard

Janelle is a Sound Healer, trained Opera singer and Violist, student of Norse Shamanism, Reiki Master, SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® and CranioSacral practitioner in Seattle, Washington. http://janelleleonard.com. Daniella is a certified Usui Reiki Master and Sound Healer, trained by renowned teacher and healer Tom Kenyon, practicing in Seattle, Washington. http://www.daniellawhite.com.

Sound Bath with Daniella White4/29/17 01:30Armory 4th Floor Room B
Photos: workshop

John Hayden

John builds community and life skills though orchestrated play! He leads toddler music classes and facilitates hands-on school, business and community events. He is a pioneer in the field of accessible music programming for all ages and skill levels. Through rhythm based events, John develops links between the personal music experience, group dynamics, organizational issues and important lessons such as multicultural awareness and diversity. His workshops have delivered in-the-moment musical excitement throughout the Northwest including the Experience Music Project (now MOPOP), Bumbershoot, Folklife, and WOMAD Music Festivals. He currently teaches adult hand drum,leads Tots Music classes, and is waiting to hear from you to lead your next musical birthday!

Howdy Band Family Jam4/29/17 11:00Armory 3rd Floor Loft #4
Photos: workshop

Kerry Greene

Known for his skills & teaching ability, Kerry is an engaging, entertaining & dynamic instructor & facilitator. He offers workshops & hosts drum circles at many events including Rhythm Fest & NW Folklife Festival. First inspired by George Jinda on shakers, Kerry later studied drum circle facilitation with Arthur Hull for many years and drumming with Babatunde Olatunji, Paulo Mattioli, Cameron Tummel, Dibo & Ryan Camara, Monette Marino, Malik Sow & many more. Kerry teaches percussion classes, hosts community and corporate drum circles & distributes instruments. He is a trusted resource for facilitators, stores, museums, players & others for 20 years. Shakerman.com Shakerman@gmail.com

Shake, Rattle and Roll - Jamming with Shakers !4/29/17 11:00Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3
The Essence of Hand Drumming - Pulse, Dialogues and Melodies4/29/17 12:15Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3
Exploring the Creative Process - How to design rhythms!4/30/17 04:00Armory 4th Floor Room C
Photos: workshop

Leif Totusek

Leif Totusek is a Seattle-born guitarist, band-leader and composer. He has played, collaborated and been special guest with African Artist Mose Fan Fan, Ali Birra, Geoffrey Oryema, Diblo Dibala, Orchestra Virunga, Tabu Ley Rochereau and many other important African artists. He is also an accomplished jazz guitarist. Leif's musical interests are wide-ranging and on any given night in Seattle he can be seen performing jazz, Irish or Balkan music. In Freestyle Candela, Leif features his compositions based on Soukous guitar, Cuban Rumba and inspirations from Hendrix to Haiti.

Leif Totusek - solo vocals/guitar4/29/17 03:30Armory Main Floor
Photos: workshop

Mary Tolena

Upon discovering drumming and rhythm in 1997, Mary Tolena found her wormhole to Joy from her prior life in the business and academic worlds.  Rhythm brought new life-enriching juice to her longtime fascination with human dynamics, consciousness, healthy relationships, and the nature of positive change. Mary focused on the power of rhythmic fundamentals in her drumming, and in the extensive TaKeTiNa process training. Her friends now call her The Bass Queen. After many years as a Seattle resident and WRF organizer, Mary now lives in San Diego, where she brings rhythm to groups and teams through her business, RhythmLift.

Beyond the Pulse: Melody and Magic on Bass Drums4/29/17 12:15Armory 4th Floor Room D
Beyond the Pulse: Melody and Magic on Bass Drums4/30/17 01:30Armory 3rd Floor Loft #4
Photos: workshop performance

Monette Marino

Monette Marino began drumming at the age of 8 when her father initiated her on his sparkle blue Ludwig drum set. She fell in love with the skin on skin contact of hand drumming 5 years later when her father gave her a lesson on the conga. Monette began her apprenticeship with Guinean Master Djembe Drummer Mamady Keita in 1997 when she made a one-month trip to his home in Conakry to study the percussion of the Manding. Monette opened the 11th branch of his school Tam Tam Mandingue in San Diego in 1998. Monette toured with Mamady Keita for 10 years, teaching classes and performing with him and his band Sewa Kan around the world. She is an award-winning percussionist, and teaches and plays regularly in Southern California. Monette released her album “Coup d’Eclat” in 2012.

Beginning Djembe Rhythms from Guinea4/29/17 12:15Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2
Beginning Malinke Dunun Rhythms from Guinea4/29/17 01:30Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2
Intermediate Djembe Rhythms from Guinea4/30/17 01:30Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2
Intermediate Malinke Dunun Rhythm from Guinea4/30/17 02:45Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2

Nathan Collins

Seattle Hand Drummers (SHD) is an open community made up of members from the local area and worldwide as well. We specialize in hosting music circles with the intention of enhancing community and bringing diversity together. Our newest direction, fundraising and charity events as well as serving those in need keep us driven and committed to serve all those who may be in need of energetic and enthusiastic support. SHD is always available for booking. performances, parties and workshops. Individual and group lessons available for all levels of experience. SHD is now facilitating Music Therapy Sessions for Emotional Trauma, Substance Abuse and Cognitive Rehabilitation. Founded by Nathan Collins, local facilitator and musician

BOOM BOOM DIGGY with Na''tan Collins4/29/17 11:00Armory 4th Floor Room H (Black Box)
SHD Drum and Music Circles4/29/17 01:30Armory 4th Floor Room H (Black Box)
Seattle Hand Drummers Music Experience4/29/17 03:00Mural Amphitheatre
Seattle Hand Drummers4/30/17 03:00Mural Amphitheatre
Photos: workshop

Otoqui Reyes

HIjos de Agueybana4/30/17 02:00Armory Main Floor


As a performer, teacher, and artistic director, Suzanna's goal is to build community and catalyze personal growth among audiences and participants, including herself. Performing professionally throughout the past 15 years in numerous cities and Seattle’s top venues, she is an authentic entertainer who empowers her audiences. Her physical poetry is rooted in decades of cross-disciplinary training in Middle Eastern, African, jazz, ballet, and other styles with renowned dancers and choreographers of Egypt, US, and other lands. With a degree in theatre and passion for collaboration, she has also produced scores of shows involving local and international artists, including her major productions “Belly Dance Off” and “Cinderella - A Global Story.”

RakasaFit: Belly Dance Fitness4/29/17 11:00Fisher Pavilion
Photos: workshop performance

Saeed Abbas

Saeed Abbas is certificated Master Drummer from the Hausa tribe in Accra, Ghana. He has performed and taught traditional West African percussion since he was 16. At 19 he auditioned into Ghana's prestigious National Dance Ensemble and traveled the world performing for many dignitaries. After 8 years on the East Coast teaching and performing at such prestigious schools as the Berklee College of Music, Dartmouth, he returned to the Northwest, teaching a weeklong youth workshop at Hollyhock, Cortes Island, B.C. and performing in the opening ceremonies of the Dance of Life festival. Abbas is passionate about the songs and rhythms of Ghana and wants to share his energy and enthusiasm. Helping students expand their musical expression is joy for him.

Saeed Abbas Youth Rhythm Workshop4/28/17 02:00Armory Main Floor
Saeed Abbas and the Gye Nyame Ensemble 4/28/17 08:00Armory Main Floor
Saeed Abbas & the GyeNyame'''' Ensemble4/29/17 04:30Armory Main Floor
Saeed Abbas Drum Workshop4/30/17 04:00Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3
Photos: workshop

Sarah Lee Parker Mansare

Sarah Lee first discovered African Dance in 1993, spent a decade studying with dozens of instructors from various parts of West Africa, and in 2004, her passion took her to Senegal and Guinea, West Africa to study more intensively. For 3-8 months each year since, she has been blessed to have the opportunity to live and study dance in Guinea, working with some of the finest dancers and instructors in the world. Just back from her 13th trip to Guinea, Sarah Lee continues to be passionate about learning and sharing the beauty and power of the music, dance, culture and people of Guinea. She now lives in Seattle teaching weekly classes in the community, in the dance department at the University of Washington and all over the Pacific Northwest.

West African Flute & Song class with Mamady Mansare4/30/17 01:30Armory 4th Floor Room C
African Dance Class with Sarah Lee Parker Mansare4/30/17 04:00Fisher Pavilion
Photos: workshop

Shay Moore

Deep Roots Dance is an ATS®-based tribal fusion bellydance company in Seattle, with a focus on joyful expression and strong technique. In the classroom, we work together to increase our strength and knowledge, encouraging dancers of all levels to learn to be more present and confident in their bodies. When we take to the stage, we endeavor to express the deep, undeniable power and beauty which lives within every woman. Director Shay Moore has been teaching and performing bellydance in Seattle and around the nation for over ten years, and was the first instructor to receive dual teaching certifications in both the Gypsy Caravan and ATS® formats. She has directed multiple nationally acclaimed performance troupes, and teaches popular weekly classes in the Seattle area.

Deep Roots Dance - Tribal Style Bellydace4/30/17 12:00Armory Main Floor
Tribal Bellydance Workshop with Deep Roots Dance4/30/17 01:30Fisher Pavilion
Photos: workshop

Simone LaDrumma

Simone has been teaching, composing and performing on hand drums since 1987. From 1992 to 1999, she directed Ladies Don’t Drum, an all-female percussion ensemble. “Ladies” performed and recorded with the Seattle Men’s Chorus, Maya Angelou, and Bobby McFerrin, among others. Their CD,“Nailin’ It” was wildly popular. Since 1991, when she created Drumming & The Holistic Expression of Rhythm, Simone has brought the magic of rhythmic expression to thousands across the U.S., Canada and Europe. Locally, she offers drumming classes for every level and gender. Simone also brings her drums to parties, schools, corporate events, Special Populations, and everywhere the Spirit of the Drum leads her.

Rhythm-In-You: Find It, Feel It, Keep It4/29/17 01:30Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3
Hot Solos for Hand Drummers4/30/17 04:00Armory 3rd Floor Loft #4
Photos: workshop

Sinead Harte

Sinead an Irish Women, involved in facilitating workshops and creating community rhythmical events throughout Ireland for the past 10 years. She has trained with a number of inspiring teachers John Bowker. Chloe Goodchild,Lani O’Hanlon, Arthur Hull- VMC Facilitation,. graduating as a Mentor in 2015 & is the Irish VMC coordinator..Heather Kamala Wong(USA)- Kido Kids Yoga. Sinead has a deep love of working with ritual, Using the Drum and Harmony Singing as tools to guide groups on a journey into Sacred spaces. She brings together her Celtic Heritage intertwining it with the Tribal teachings from other Cultures. Inviting in magic and fun, encouraging everyone's unique individuality. A space where everyone can shine and all are equal.

Soul Song with Sinead Harte4/29/17 11:00Armory 4th Floor Room C
Soundscape with Randy Pomeroy and Sinead Harte4/29/17 12:15Armory 4th Floor Room C
Druma na mBan(Women’s Drum)4/30/17 11:00Armory 3rd Floor Loft #4
Photos: workshop

STAR - Seattle Tamil Arts of Rhythm Kalai Kuzhu

STAR (Seattle Tamil Arts of Rhythm) is a Seattle based Tamil traditional performance arts troupe. STAR vision is to promote and spread the ancient form of Tamil folk art through music and dance across United States.

Music and dance performance4/29/17 11:00Armory Main Floor
Workshop4/29/17 01:30Fisher Pavilion
Photos: workshop

Steven Schob

Steven Schob, MM, is passionate about the power of music, drumming, and movement for life change. Steven has over a decade of experience crafting programs for schools and organizations looking for innovative techniques in healthy living, shaping brains, community building, and professional development through music. Steven is a Remo Educational Artist, Young Audiences Performing & Teaching Artist, Director of the Hough Youth Escola de Samba, Director of MARACATUpdx, Founder of Portland Samba and an internationally touring performer.

Escola de Samba for Youth4/28/17 01:00Armory Main Floor
Maracatu - Rhythms of NE Brazil4/29/17 12:15Armory 3rd Floor Loft #4
MARACATUpdx4/29/17 02:00Armory Main Floor
Samba de Roda, the Dance and Rhythms by Beto Guimaraes w/ Steven Schob accomp.4/29/17 04:00Fisher Pavilion
Photos: workshop


UBoBI Inclusion Improv4/30/17 01:15Mural Amphitheatre

VamoLá Drum and Dance Ensemble

Through vibrant processions, parades, and stage performances, VamoLá! brings to life the celebratory spirit of Carnival. While the emphasis is on samba —"the essence of the Brazilian musical soul"— VamoLá! offers a rich array of other music and dance styles as well, from the hip-hop rhythms and samba-reggae to the elegant, forceful beat of maracatu. This exuberant drum and dance ensemble envelops the audience in driving rhythms, inviting you to join in the experience and blurring the line between spectator and performer.

Brazilian Percussion Ensemble4/30/17 11:00Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2
VamoLá! Brazilian Drum & Dance Ensemble Stage Show4/30/17 04:30Armory Main Floor
Photos: performance

Vicki Kraft

Eddyville Eagle African Drummers4/28/17 03:00Armory Main Floor
Eddyville Eagle African Drummers4/29/17 02:00Mural Amphitheatre

Will Kappes

Hello! My names Will, I am an avid hand-drummer with knowledge of a wide variety of drumming techniques & rhythms from the Middle East, Iranian, and Carnatic Indian music. Over time I have researched and adopted a variety of techniques and rhythms from various cultures around the world. I like to play e variety of hand-drums such as; Middle Eastern Doumbek, Frame Drum, South Indian Kanjira, Djembe, and the Iranian Tombak and Daf. Currently I've developed my own unique set of techniques for the djembe that incorporates Indian, Iranian/Persian, & Middle Eastern styles. I hope to share these wonderful techniques & rhythms with music lovers & drummers like myself.

Iranian Tombak Rhythms & Techniques on Djembe/other Percussion Fusion Drumming Workshop4/29/17 02:45Armory 4th Floor Room D
Middle Eastern & Indian (Carnatic) Fusion Drumming on Djembe Workshop4/29/17 04:00Armory 4th Floor Room D
Middle Eastern & Indian (Carnatic) Fusion Drumming on Djembe Workshop4/30/17 02:45Armory 4th Floor Room D
Iranian Tombak Rhythms & Techniques on Djembe/other Percussion Fusion Drumming Workshop4/30/17 04:00Armory 4th Floor Room D
Photos: workshop

Yasmin Edwards

Yasmin has been performing and teaching professionally for 30 years. She has performed at nightclubs, street fairs, festivals, private parties and community functions. Yasmin has also danced with the MB Orchestra, David Saee and Ay Yildiz Turkish band. You can also hear Yasmin's castanets in the movie, Crocodile Tears. Yasmin has traveled to North Africa to extensively learn these dances. The places Yasmin has danced and taught are Washington, Maine, Montana, Idaho and Oregon States and Morocco. She is also featured in a book, The Belly Dance Book by Tazz Richards. Yasmin is the lead percussionist with Hejira.

BELLY DANCE BEATS WITH THE DUMBEK4/29/17 12:15Armory 4th Floor Room H (Black Box)
Moroccan Dance and Drum4/29/17 04:00Armory 4th Floor Room H (Black Box)
Music and Dance from Afghanistan4/30/17 12:15Armory 4th Floor Room H (Black Box)
Exotic Beats for Fire Dancers4/30/17 04:00Armory 4th Floor Room H (Black Box)
Photos: workshop performance

Zorina Wolf

Zorina Wolf was a student of her longtime mentor, the late Nigerian drummer, Baba Olatunji for 14 years. She has been playing the drum and teaching rhythm for over 26 years both nationally and internationally. In 1996, Zorina met Reinhard Flatischler, the developer of the TaKeTiNa rhythm process. She saw the potential to take her rhythm training deeper. She completed her three-year basic level TaKeTiNa training under Reinhard Flatischler in 2001 and in 2003 finished her advanced level exam. She is the developer of the Whole Person Drumming® Curriculum-- a way to experience how drum orchestration can facilitate creating music and community. Her book Whole Person Drumming: Your Journey into Rhythm was published in March of 2016.

Dance Trance Groove4/29/17 11:45Armory Main Floor
Introduction to TaKeTiNa4/29/17 02:45Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3
Rhythm in the Body! TaKeTiNa4/30/17 12:15Armory 4th Floor Room C
Stepping with the Drum: Finding 6/8 clave with your body! Intro to Whole Person Drumming® 4/30/17 02:45Armory 3rd Floor Loft #4
Photos: workshop

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