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World Rhythm FestivalProduced by the Seattle World Percussion Society
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2017 World Rhythm Festival

workshop photo
Court Crawford Cocotazo
Armory Main Floor 4/29 02:45
PerformanceCocotazo is dedicated to bringing the Cuban rumba sensibility to the performance of harmonic material sourced from Sonora Matancera and Arsenio Rodriguez and other 1950s/1960s Cuban performers.The percussionists, bassist, guitarist and singers approach performing their parts to form a rich danceable and ever evolving texture of call and response sound. Cocotazo is led by Maurilio Gonzales, and includes Ricardo Guity, Denny Stern, Court Crawford, and special guests.
rumba, son, bolero, bembe, and other Cuban rhythms

Cocotazo4/29/17 02:45Armory Main Floor
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