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World Rhythm FestivalProduced by the Seattle World Percussion Society
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2017 World Rhythm Festival

workshop photo
Billy Knutson The Rhythm Well
Take 5
Armory 4th Floor Room B 4/29 04:00
Rhythm MusicWorkshop/Hand Drum Class The modern world has become very fast. When do you get a break? Take 5 is a rhythm playshop that invites you to learn and play rhythms on the hand drum in the less common time signature of 5. In doing so, it offers you the opportunity to see or feel a new, or different rhythm and possibly perspective. A change of perspective can change everything and sometimes a change is as good as a break, so Take 5. www.RhythmWellness.com
West African influenced original compositions

The Rhythm Well4/29/17 12:00Mural Amphitheatre
Take 54/29/17 04:00Armory 4th Floor Room B
Take 54/30/17 11:00Armory 4th Floor Room C
The Rhythm Well4/30/17 12:00Mural Amphitheatre
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