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World Rhythm FestivalProduced by the Seattle World Percussion Society
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2017 World Rhythm Festival

workshop photo
Zorina Wolf Village Heartbeat
Introduction to TaKeTiNa
Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3 4/29 02:45
Rhythm MusicTaKeTiNa opens us to our innate rhythmic wisdom. We begin our process by combining spoken syllables with basic stepping movements. As our steps become more grounded, the next layer added are handclaps. How do we "feel"where the clap is? Allowing ourselves to remain in a continuous field of movement, our minds to begin to relax .The possibility for rhythm within to teach us. Our rhythm circle opens the way for a direct experience of a fundamental understanding of space and time in music and life.

Dance Trance Groove4/29/17 11:45Armory Main Floor
Introduction to TaKeTiNa4/29/17 02:45Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3
Rhythm in the Body! TaKeTiNa4/30/17 12:15Armory 4th Floor Room C
Stepping with the Drum: Finding 6/8 clave with your body! Intro to Whole Person Drumming® 4/30/17 02:45Armory 3rd Floor Loft #4
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