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World Rhythm FestivalProduced by the Seattle World Percussion Society
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2017 World Rhythm Festival

performance photo
S U Z A N N A Suzanna & Friends
RakasaFit: Belly Dance Fitness
Fisher Pavilion 4/29 11:00
DanceA unique and complete full body workout integrating the essentials of belly dance with popular fitness! Exercising the essential shapes and vibrations through which we are all connected, this workout is for all bodies. RakasaFit demands full extension through the spine and deep engagement of core muscles. And with a belly dance focus, it builds and maintains belly dance proficiency while boosting conditioning in all forms of movement! Get ready to challenge yourself, have fun, and sweat.
Belly Dance Fitness

RakasaFit: Belly Dance Fitness4/29/17 11:00Fisher Pavilion
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